The Sorceress
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-05
Clients Svetlana
Suspects Luna
Debut Luna
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Sally and Doowee are suspicious when Luna, a classmate, claims she's a sorceress and starts giving away love potions. One of Luna's clients claims he used the potions and now he and another classmate are deeply in love. Then, Svetlana shows up at the S.B.I claiming Luna turned her hair green. Both Sally and Doowee are very suspicious and don't believe she is a real sorceress...and then Luna, thinking Sally's out to ruin her good name, claims she cast a spell on Sally and when Sally leaves the S.B.I, both she and Doowee are shocked to find that her hair has turned green. The SBI soon investigate and find Luna has been using a hair dye from a magazine. Sally and Doowee confront Luna in front of all of her other clients. It turns out, she was only doing it to steal the role of a lead play from Svetlana. Luna also tells Sally ad Svetlana how to get rid of the hair dye, and the the clients forgive her.