The SBI Sees Double
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-31
Clients Kevina
Suspects Leo(main)
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Sally and Doowee help Kevina who Leo has a crush on find her scrunchies until Doowee sees another Leo (which was Leo's brother).


Someone broke into Kevina's locker and stole her scrunchies and she quickly visits the SBI to report this.

When Sally and Doowee being investigating, they are mocked by Bob (mostly Doowee gets mocked) and they run into a boy named Leo.

Leo was finding clues for Sally and he wanted to come along with her to solve the case and then Doowee becomes jealous of this act and then he sees Leo again but he is more acrobatic than he was before. Doowee thinks he is sick and seeing Leo everywhere.

When Sally and Leo come back to Kevina's locker to collect more clues, Leo spots the scrunchies and blushes when Kevina thanked him for finding them.


Sally Bollywood sees Leo's trophies.


Sally Bollywood sees Leo has twice the amount of clothing for just one person.

When Sally came over to see Leo's house, she observes two beds, many trophies, and twice as much clothing for one person.

When Sally, Doowee, and Leo hide in the auditorium, they find Tiger trying to take Doowee's stuff.

After this Leo admitted that he was the person who actually stole the scrunchies since he wanted Kevina to notice him when he found them and everyone met Tiger.

The episode closes when Kevina forgives Leo but she falls for his brother instead.