Pro sinitta
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Age 12
Hair      Blue
Eyes      Lime Green
Hobbies Painting
Family Uncle
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Debut Trouble at the Museum
Voice Actors

"Oh, you're like real-life detectives.""
To Sally and Doowee

Sinitta is a schoolmate of Sally and Doowee's. She was also a client during Trouble At The Museum, during a class trip. She flirted with Doowee to cover up the fact she was part of the crimes being committed, working with her uncle.

She is shown being good friends with Cassie and Nirmala, and does art with them at school. Her parents work at the art museum.


Outwardly Sinitta shows a very sweet and kind type of personality. She is helpful and friendly, acting cutely in order to get others to trust her.

However, it turns out this is mainly a cover towards people she wants to trick. When outed or trying to manipulate someone, she can turn mean or mockingly towards them.


Sinitta has a feminine and gentle appearance. Her skin is light brown and she has a dark pink bindi between her ivy-colored eyes. Her black hair is worn in a low bun adorned with a white ornament, and her hair has a dark green shine.

Normally she wears a pink and green Sari, along with matching shoes and bracelets.


  • Manipulation - she uses her beauty to try to convince Doowee that she's innocent. 
  • Art- She can paint and design very well- the art teacher made her president of Art and design when Sam teased her art work.


  • Liz's Secret Diary - 2:55
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  • Two Heads are Better than One