Sally's Circus
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-26
Clients Albert
Suspects Liz
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Someone is stealing all the sports equipment from the gym, the uniforms for the school team, magnificent scholars, and the juggling balls from the school.

There were three clients in the beginning of the episode which were Albert, George, and Mika. Sally and Doowee's school had a circus program that was about to shut down. First, Sally and Doowee suspected Liz who was "injured" and mistakenly called "Marco".

Liz told Sally and Doowee that she was "injured by falling off her bike" while Rebecca was helping her walk.

Sally battled Jason in a fight in the locker room. She won and Jason, Sally, Doowee find out that the uniforms were stolen.

At first, the SBI couldn't find any clues about the thief, so they traveled to school overnight. A person was dressed up as a ninja and was very acrobatic so the ninja got away the first time but couldn't get away the second time. One they revealed the thief, it turned out to be Liz.

Liz turned out to be the thief because she didn't want the school's circus program to be closed down so she hid everything in Jerome's closet to make it look like she wasn't stealing. Later, the school's circus program continued which is Liz's and Albert's favorite club.