Pro researcher
Personal Info
Nickname Researcher
Gender Female
Age Late 20's
Hair      Cyan
Eyes      Orange
Occupation Film Assistant
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut Talent Will Out
Last Appearance Starry Eyed (role)
Fund Raising Felony (cameo)
Voice Actors

The "Researcher "is a woman that appears to be in charge of the Talent Tryouts that Sally enters. At first Sally assumed she was the person causing problems, but it turned out to be a cheating Devindra instead.


The Talent searcher is a somewhat bitter adult woman who despises working with kids after so much time of having to deal with brats. She openly mocks anyone if she sees fit and has quite the temper, but actually isn't that bad of a woman. As long as the child she works with behaves or doesn't annoy her, she appears to be friendly to them, or at least not mind them that much.


The Researcher is a tan skinned woman with bright orange eyes and medium-long length blue hair that flips on the ends and is worn with a black cap and ear-microphone. She is shown wearing a black trench coat on top of a blue shirt and gray pants, and a pair of orange shoes. She also wears blue jewelry, and a gold bracelet.

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