Pyjama Party
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-33
Air Date 2012-2013
Written by Karen Horne
Directed by Eric Bastier
Storyboard by Eric Dora
Clients Sally
Suspects Emma
Debut Season 2
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In "Pyjama Party", Sally throws a girl's only sleepover at her place and invited Betty, Rebecca & Emma. However, someone is trying to sabotage her party. She first suspects Erna, Martin, and Jessica but they were all at different places.

Then, when the sabatoger struck again with the flour in the kitchen, she suspected that Doowee may be the culprit.

After that, Doowee left and felt insulted. Sally, Betty, Rebecca, & Emma felt like the pranks would no longer happened. Then, someone knocked the door of Sally's room. She chased after him/her and found George. George said that he was coming over to bring Betty's groundhog nightlight. Rebecca saw that the sabatoger struck again. Sally asked where was Emma, Rebecca said that she went to the kitchen to help Mrs. Apu clean up.

Sally realized that her dad's window was open and someone hacked with her dad's computer. When she finally agreed to call Doowee to apologize and ask for his help. He came right over when Sally told him her dad's window was open.

Sally, Doowee, Betty, Rebecca & Mrs. Apu find out that this whole mess was created by...... Emma!!!!

Emma said that she was the sabatoger because she wanted Doowee to come investigate since she has a crush on him. Doowee smiled and blushed as soon as she said that.

Later, Betty asked Sally if they could forget the "No Boys" rule, just this once, and with that, Doowee stayed while the girls played with Doowee's game.