Priscilla Montagu
Pro priscilla
Personal Info
Nationality English
Gender Female
Age 30's
Hair      Navy Blue
Eyes      Light Blue
Occupation Intern (S.B.I)
Assistant (Minister)
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 2
Voice Actors
Priscilla Montagu is a minor character featured in Cold Case. She was hired to be an intern for Sally and Doowee whenever they needed help filing information. However, it turned out she forged a paper to hide the identity of the true trophy thief because she was the ministers assistant. She apologizes and explains this before leaving.


Priscilla is a pale-fair skinned woman who looks to be a teenager or young adult. She has bright, light blue eyes and prim, proper navy blue hair with straight cut bangs. She wears light makeup and pink attire with red triangle shaped earrings.


Priscilla shows off an air of perfection by being able to multitask and do work quickly. She can file, take notes, prepare drinks, and maybe even more without much effort. She also seems to be very nice, but is willing to be deceptive to help out the Minister.

International Voices



  • Her last name Montagu means Monday in German.