Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair Colour      Blonde
Eye Colour      Brown
Hobbies Journalism
Series Appearance
Debut Operation Nerd
# of Appearance 6
Voice Actors

Nigel is an A-graded student and president of School Newspaper club and made a few appearances like in "Operation Nerd", "Go-Kart Wars", "The Killer Curry", "Mr. Big Returns", "The Haunted House" and "Storm Clouds over the SBI".

In "Operation Nerd", he was the main suspect since he was making study notes for other kids during tests like Rahani, & Alex. He did this to become more popular in the school crowd.

In "Go Kart Wars", he appeared as Stephanie's assistant to the school newspaper and he was getting covered by books and being yelled at Stephanie.

In "The Killer Curry", he was the client since someone has been swapping his grades for lousy ones. It turned out it was Bridget and he got scared to go to gym class since Bridget is a better athlete than him.

In "Mr. Big Returns" he only appeared twice yelling at Stephanie to do her job better and made Sally and Doowee creeped out.

In "The Haunted House" he was the main suspect once again and he played as the ghost in the haunted house to make Blake's story true.


Nigel is the kind of person who likes to be in charge of everything especially in the school newspaper club.


"No Video, No Proof!!!"

"All I just wanted was to make new friends, you know how hard it is to be on your own."