Mr. Cubbins
Pro cubbins
Personal Info
Nationality Canadian
Nickname The Janitor
Gender Male
Age 42
Hair      Redhead
Eyes      Brown
Occupation Janitor
Family Stephan (son)
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Voice Actors
He's the school janitor of Canadian origin and father of Stephan Cubbins.


He's a middle aged overweighted man with black eyes and red short hair. He usually wears his dark blue work clothes.


He's a hard-working man dedicated to his job. He's often confused, when Sally and Doowee make investigations. In pilot episodes he stole all moblie phones, because he had enough of their annoying ringings. He doesn't tolerate students breaking school rules and he doesn't tolerate dirt, but he's usually a nice guy.