Pro luna
Personal Info
Gender ♀ Female
Age 12
Hair      Purple
Eyes      Purple
Hobbies Witchcraft
Series Appearance
Voice Actors

Luna is a 12-year-old girl fascinated by magic. To win a role in musical she used a trick on Svetlana turning her hair green and to make others believe in magic, handing out fake lucky charms while sabotaging her rivals.


Luna is obsessed with magic and supernatural things like ghosts. She is fairly cunning, but not a malicious person- just jealous enough to let it get the better of her at times.


Luna is a pale girl with big, dark blue eyes and long matching hair worn in a thin ponytail held by a dark red scrunchie. Her bangs are partially curled and raspberry colored. She wears dark red spider earrings.

She wears a grey shirt with dark pink belt and accents, a long dark blue skirt, and tall dark red boots.


  • Mystic knowledge - she reads a lot of books about magic
  • Chemical knowledge - she's a skilled self-taught chemist, shown when she made a product and slipped into shampoo to change the color of the users hair to green.
  • Tricks - she knows how to make tricks that look magical

International cast



  • Her name means moon in Latin.
  • She is a fan of Fuzzy Frogs.