Pro jessica
Personal Info
Nationality Australian
Nickname Ms. Mystery
Gender Female
Age 12
Hair      Blue
Eyes      Blue
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Voice Actors

Jessica is a classmate of Sally and Doowee's. She is sporty and dislikes school, but is part of the organizer committee. She has been a culprit twice.


Generally Jessica is care-less about things and is openly rude towards others if they bother her. She has no problem cheating if it means keeping her school grades up.

Her main passion is in sports, especially swimming, but she also has an artistic side she tries to hide from others under the guise of Ms. Mystery.


Jessica has fair skin and slanted, dark blue eyes. Her hair is lighter to match her eyebrows, and cut chin length. Her long bangs are usually brushed to the side of her head, and she has two cowlicks on the opposite side. She has a unique nose shape.

Jessica's clothing is boyish in design, consisting of an orange long sleeved shirt worn with a green vest, camo pants, and blue socks with olive sneakers.


  • Sports - she is incredible at sports and is Jerome's favorite student. 
  • Swimming - she's one of the top swim racers 
  • Painting -

International Voice Actors

Polish - Agnieszka Fajlhauer (season 2)