Jeannie Bambini
Pro jeanne
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 11
Hair Colour      Blue
Eye Colour      Pale Blue
Hobbies Singing
Series Appearance
Debut Season 2
# of Appearance Poster Boy
Voice Actors

Jeannie Bambini is a preteen singer who has a fan following with several kids at school. She never had an appearance in the series other than posters hung up for the TV Awards in the episode, Poster Boy. Due to this, she is one of the few characters who does not have a voice actress.


Jeanne is a girl with fair skin. She has long waist length blue hair and pale blue eyes with heavy eyeliner. She wears an open beige jacket with small fringes at the cuffs and under is a pink gown. She also wears several pink bracelets and a beaded necklace for accessories.


Her known fans are Cristelle, who is the president of the "Jeanne Bambini Fan Club" and is an active user of the Jeanne Bambini chatroom.

Also fans of Jeanne are Alice, Donna and Sita, who described themselves as the "Jeanne Bambini Fantatics", a group of fans who take on a crusade to get kids to vote for Jeanne by hanging poster everywhere.