Pro jason
Personal Info
Nationality American
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair      Brown
Eyes      Black
Love Interest Svetlana (ex girlfriend)
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Voice Actors
Jason is 12 year old and he is known as a smart and talented boy but he's really bad at science. He is also a basketball player. He made known appearances in The Attack of the Giant Chicken", "Mr. Big Returns", "Muckraking", and "sally's Circus".

In "Attack of the Giant Chicken", he was the client and he was having a bad nightmare about a chicken hugging him. Which turned out to be Zoe in the mascot suit and she was his "stalker".

In "Mr. Big Returns", he had his first time of being a criminal. He stole Doowee's machine that tells the future and Mr.Big's crystal ball because he was desperate to be a journalist and he wanted clues for what is going to happen in sports.

In "Muckraking", he had his second time of being a criminal. He stole Rebecca's compost that helps her tomatoes grow and three times he battled Doowee in fights. Two he won and he lost the last one because Doowee caught him as the criminal of Rebecca's compost. He also wanted to use the compost to get revenge on Stephanie for making bad articles about him.

In "Sally's Circus", he had his second time of being a client since he was in a fight with Sally and Doowee. After that, he opened his locker and he realized the uniforms were stolen.


  • He is dark-skinned and he wears a lot of yellow and has brown eyes.


  • He is a professional basketball player of the school but he is bad at science which probably means he doesn't have good grades in science.