Jasmine Gupta
Char jasmine
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender ♀ Female
Age 12
Hair      Dark Green
Eyes      Blue
Hobbies Fashion
Occupation S.B.I. (formerly)
Family Rahani (brother)
Sanjay (brother)
Mr. Gupta (father)
Friends Alma
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut SOS Saris!
Last Appearance Fund Raising Felony
Voice Actors
Polish Joanna Pach

Jasmine Gupta is Sally's and Doowee's classmate, a sister of Rahani and Sanjay and a good friend of Alma.

At one point she worked as an intern for Sally and Doowee.


While genuinely nice, Jasmine is a little selfish and cares more about making a loud entrance or showing-off than others. She loves fashion and often indulges in this with Alma.

At times she is also snobby and narcissistic, and will mock others if she sees fit. But she usually does not go after others unless provoked.

She also has a surprising knack for organization, but she finds it boring to do normally so she usually tries to think of creative ways. However, this also causes her to appear air-headed.


Jasmine is a tall girl with fair skin and dark blue eyes. She has emerald hair worn mostly towards one side with three, straightened cowlicks. She wears white earrings and often carries a purse with her.

Her normal attire consists of a light orange and brown blouse, a necklace, pink and white wristbands, and shoes with blue leggings.

When dancing for the school she wears the grey uniform with tiger design, however her own outfit has pale pink details. For other dance performances, she can be found in a cyan sari with orange and yellow accenting.

Family Tree

Mr. Gupta
Mrs. Gutpa






  • Doowee flirted with her once.
  • Jasmine hires the S.B.I. in Fund Raising Felony, thus making her the last client in the Sally Bollywood series.