Pro harold
Personal Info
Nationality American
Gender Male
Age 9
Hair Colour      Blonde
Eye Colour      Blue
Family Clementine (sister)
Series Appearance
Debut The Sad Clown Gang
# of Appearance 1
Voice Actors

Harold is a little kid who used his clown act to steal toys from other kids during birthday parties.


Harold, along with his older sister, Clementine, are known as the most spoiled rotten kids in Cosmopolis, according to Cassie. Very little in known about Harold other than his father wouldn't provide him with anymore toys because he and his sister have become spoiled. Based on his demeanor, he could have come from a wealthy family, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Harold is also quite the thief as he is willing to steal toys after his father refuse to buy him anymore. He does so by forming a duo clown service called, S.O.S Clowns.


Harold dresses rather sophisticated. He is a blonde boy with a tapered comb-over hairstyle with bright blue eyes. He wears brown khakis with white collared t-shirt, a red tie, and a light beige sweater vest. The only feature that is misaligned are his teeth.


Business – He and his sister were able to start a clown act business.

Fearlessness – Harold has no fear of jumping from a window while doing a back flip.