This is the Episode Guide of Sally Bollywood: Super Detective.

Season 1 (2009-2011)

Episode # Title Australian Airdate
1 "Cockroach Capers" 14 August 2009
Sally is banned by her father from investigative work, however she disobeys him and with Doowee investigates a mysterious cockroach thief. 
2 "Trapped By The Internet" 14 August 2010
Sally and Doowee attempt to discover who is the person placing digitally manipulated images on 'Blogger Boy's' blog, which leads to a virus being spread across the world. 
3 "Talent Will Out" 17 August 2010
5 "Window Pains" 28 August 2010
After three windows are broken at school, the Principal's son asks Sally to investigate. However she questions his intentions when she learns the Principal has already found the culprit. They later discover that the principal's son is a secret skateboarder and the boy principal caught was outside school campus skateboarding with principals son. 
6 "Chemical Reaction" 28 August 2010
Sally and Doowee investigate the theft of a fellow student's father's chemistry books while Sally remains tense over a chemistry test.
7 "Trouble At The Museum" 4 September 2010
Sally and Doowee investigate a theft at the modern art museum. 
8 "Double Trouble" 4 September 2010
Doowe invents a camera that makes masks of pupil after clicking their photoes. Later Sally is accused of stealing a teacher's purse and is suspended from school. Now sally is secretly investigating. 
9 "Don't Touch My Lucky Charm" 11 September 2010
Sally and Doowee try to discover who stole their classmate's good luck charm. 
10 "Mr.Big" 11 September 2010
The S.B.I. faces closure after a rival agency, Mr. Big detective agency, has been stealing their clients. 
11 "George's Forced Labour" 18 September 2010
Sally and Doowee help their classmate George, who is being blackmailed to do another kid's homework. 
12 "From Bombay with Love" 18 September 2010
A TV star asks Sally and Doowee to investigate leaks to the media.
13 "The Case of the Missing Cat" 25 September 2010
Cassie, a new girl at school, becomes very popular when she boasts about her beautiful cat. However, when her friends ask to see it, the cat suddenly goes missing.
14 "Cousin Bouleh" 25 September 2010
15 "Room with a Curse" 2 October 2010
16 "Operation Nerd" 2 October 2010
17 "Bus Stop" 9 October 2010
18 "Liz’s Secret Diary" 9 October 2010
19 "The White Bear" 16 October 2010
21 "The Dating Agency" 23 October 2010
22 "Go Kart Wars" 23 October 2010

Season 2

Episode # Title British Airdate (POP)
1 "Rock 'N' Roll Dad"
2 "Comic Book Caper"
3 "Performing Magic"
4 "New Teacher" 3 December 2013
Sally and Doowee want to help the new Science teacher from being late into her sessions, while Jaya's mum, Mrs Margipaue, takes the days off. Meanwhile, Phil has his own pranks to let Sally get fooled into. 
5 "The Sorceress" 4 December 2013
Sally and Doowee investigate the fact that Luna, the school sorceress, has turned Svetlana Perfett's hair green! Sally doesn't believe in Luna's nonsense, though. She also made love potions and good luck charms... 
7 "Poster Boy" 5 December 2013
Someone's sticking posters around the school and the Principal, Mr Shoegridge, is going to put everyone on detention if the culprit doesn't own up. When no one confesses by the end of the week, it's up to the SBI to investigate. 
11 "Night At The Museum" 6 December 2013
During a school tour of the local museum, the Curator notices someone has tampered with the exhibits. The SBI are on the case straight away. 
12 "The Sad Clown Gang" 9 December 2013
The SBI are investigating the theft of a girl's doll, when they are asked by a party clown to find out who is sabotaging his act. 
15 "The Black Sheep" 10 December 2013
Sally and Doowee are working at a fun park and discover that someone has begun to steal the prizes that kids are winning at the park. Later on, the SBI realise that there is a pattern emerging with these crimes. 
16 "The Haunted House" 11 December 2013
A new kid in school, Blake, tells the SBI his toy plane has been stolen, while he moved into his new house. Sally agrees to take the case, even though the newspaper is at its most 'busy' mode. But, Blake says that there is an unusual background to the mystery; the plane is believed to be hiding in the hands of a ghost in his new, yet haunted, house... 
17 "The Big Stink" 12 December 2013
The school is being invaded by a series of bad smells, leading up to the visit of the School Inspector, so Sally and Doowee investigate.
19 "Adventures In Pet Sitting" 13 December 2013
Alice, Tom's sister, is looking after Lee Wang's pet rabbit when the Wang family is away. When she leaves it alone in her backyard for a moment, the pet goes missing and a skateboard is stolen. 
22 "Eye in the Sky" 16 December 2013
The school rocket club has a problem - their rockets keep blowing up. Meanwhile, Sally is investigating another crime - someone is tampering with the school lunches. 
"Whodunnit" 16 December 2013
26 "Sally's Circus" 17 December 2013
Someone is sabotaging the sporting clubs at Sally's school; stealing the soccer balls, the badmington rackets and volleyball equipment. Sally and Doowee investigate. 
27 "Camp Of Doom" 18 December 2013
Sally, Doowee and their class are going on an overnight camping trip. They have only just pitched their tents when they experience an Extra-Terrestrial phenomenon!