Doowee's Urn
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-40
Clients Doowee McAdam
Suspects Francis
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Doowee found an urn that looked about 100 years old and it was stolen by a mysterious person who used gum and a palette knife to cut the glass open.

Sally and Doowee got into a fight earlier about doing art or detective work and he resigned from the SBI. Later, he becomes the client and kisses Sally for taking his case.

The rest of the art club thought it was Doowee that stolen it because he didn't have his palette knife but Francis said that they shouldn't suspect Doowee since he was with them the whole time.

While Doowee begs Sally for him to help her solve the case, she tells him that he couldn't since he said he resigned from the SBI.

Doowee opened his locker and an urn was sitting on top of his books!! Sally got upset since she was beginning to think he was innocent and ran into Bob and broke the urn.

Doowee begged and told Sally that he didn't steal it and he would want to solve the case as a team again. Sally agreed and the SBI is back together.

Sally and Doowee find out that it was Francis that stole the urn and blamed Doowee. Francis said that he did it because he wanted credit for that urn as well.

His punishment was to make hundreds of urns for the art club.