Cousin Bouleh
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-14
Clients Bouleh
Suspects Alice
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When Sally's cousin Bouleh comes, Sally wants Bouleh to leave. Bouleh drips mud on Sally's bed, Sally has to share her room with him and he gets to eat the best piece of pie while Sally gets the worst, and Sally's father plays with Bouleh more because both of them like "Cricket" while Sally hates it. So when Bouleh's plane ticket gets stolen Sally is on the case. Bouleh "helps" Sally on her case soon they suspect it is Tom when they overhear him telling someone that he will sell them a ticket while Doowee disracts Tom with his hair styles, Sally and Bouleh sneak into Tom's room and the ticket is for the school carnival when Tom's little sister, Alice walks in the room when Sally says they came to save a cat Doowee's lie detector rings and Tom comes Alice gives Bouleh a picture she started in the morning so Sally realizes that she knew Alice would give the picture to Bouleh even though he was going to leave only she could of stolen it so she locks hersef in the closet and Bouleh told her if she came out he could at least give her a hug so Alice returned the ticket and Bouleh kisses Alice instead of hugging her. Then , he leaves and from then on Sally likes Bouleh.