Cockroach Capers
Sally Bollywood vs Bob (3)
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-01
Written by Elastik Jane
Storyboard by Alexis Ducord
Nicolas Pawlowski
Clients Albert
Suspects Bob
Debut Sally
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The S.B.I.'s first case of the series involves helping Albert find his stolen cockroach. However, Sally's enability to stay focus in school forces her father to forbid her from carrying on anymore cases.


Someone stole Albert's cockroach the night before school started.

Sally Bollywood and Doowee McAdam accept taking the case, however, Harry Bollywood sees that Sally has not been focus in her grades, with that she won't be able to investigate.

Sally and Doowee sneak into the school early and began looking for clues.

Eventually, they found a clue by the front door that looks like someone was hiding here. Doowee then started to compare everyone's face with the one that was smashed by the front door of the classroom. They found a match when they analyzed Bob's face. Sally and Bob almost began a fight, but Bob escaped to a club, while Sally and Doowee almost ran into Harry.

While Sally and Doowee climbed in to see what was going on, Sally had been robbed by Gong Yeoh without noticing. Sally and Doowee found out that Bob was in a competition in a cockroach race to line his pockets. Then, when they try to get the cockroach, Doowee noticed Bob was also robbed by Gong Yeoh. Harry came in with the police to find the pick pocket. Sally and Doowee helped him find the pick pocket who was Gong Yeoh and was apprehended and got the cockroach back.

Bob finds out that Sally and Doowee took "his" cockroach. Sally and Bob started a fight for real (Sally vs Bob). Sally surpassed Bob, with her klaripilet. They return the cockroach to Albert and as a reward Sally said that she wants Albert's help with her math lessons.

At the end, Sally ended the episode by saying "Like father, like daughter, huh?"



  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • This episode showed the one and only battle of Sally vs Bob.
  • Compared to the looks of this episode, Sally and Bob might be rivals.